Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Take This Online Training Program?

To make selling an important part of your organization’s culture, all employees must realize that selling will play a critical role in their career advancement and to the organization’s growth and success. So the answer is, everyone in your organization could benefit from Need Satisfaction Selling and should participate in CU Sales Trainer.

Of course, it is most critical that any employees with direct member contact, in person, on the phone, and over the internet participate, because they are in the best position to get the most direct use of their newly-learned member-sensitive sales skills.

However, all employees will benefit from this training. Requiring everyone to participate will also demonstrate that serving the needs of your members and member sensitive selling is a priority for your credit union culture.

The program can also be provided to new employees to insure continuity for using the Need Satisfaction Selling process.

How Much Does The Training Program Cost?

The cost begins at just $200 per participant and can be even lower depending on the number of Credit Union participants. This is an extremely good value for the depth and quality of training you will find here, and it is much less than it would cost to develop a sales training program on your own.

How Long Is the Training Program?

There are 10 Units, each consisting of many individual Topics and their audio narrations, as well as Exercises, and Quizzes. We recommend giving your employees about two weeks to complete the materials on their own schedule. Learning the materials and going through the exercises and quizzes takes on average about 5 hours total time. Note that students can work at their own pace, and can stop at any point and return later to continue their training where they left off, even if they are on a different computer or mobile device.

Also, during the Course term, students can continue to reference the training materials for sales coaching and to refresh their memory. This will ensure that they have a complete understanding of the content.

What if I have multiple offices, teams, or branches?

Because the training program is available online, there are no geographic constraints and no need to get employees together for training sessions. There is also no restriction on the number of Student Accounts or Group Leaders you can enroll. We will work with you to make implementation of your training program fast and easy. Plus, new employees can take the training at any time as a part of their new employee orientation and on-boarding training. It truly is a comprehensive solution for providing all employees across your organization with the valuable sales training they need, no matter how large or small your credit union is.

Can this be branded for my Credit Union?

Although the system is hosted on our servers and domain name, we do personalize the Course with your credit union name and logo. However, because this Course offers such in-depth materials and exercises and quizzes which are all in use by multiple Credit Unions, we are not able to change course content, quiz questions and the like for individual institutions. You will find that the materials have been well crafted to apply to most credit unions equally, with flexible enough wording and concepts that this should not be a problem for your employees.

Do you have recommendations and instructions for me? How do I implement this Program with my managers and employees?

Yes, your Training Program will include both an Administrator’s Guidelines document and a Manager’s Guidelines document to help your management team make the most of this program. These guideline documents include best practices and recommended procedures for communicating with team leaders, branch managers and employees throughout the training process. We also include a Technical Guidelines document that will walk you through the use of the online Admin System for adding and managing students and for tracking and reporting student progress and quiz performance.

Who is Behind CU Sales Trainer?

CU Sales Trainer was designed by a very experienced team with over 50 years of sales and sales training experience in the financial services industry. In addition, they have worked extensively with credit unions and understand the importance of making the sales process a non-threatening and member-focused activity. Your employees will respond positively to the training. Finally, they have decades of experience in credit union product development and technology R&D for CUs and other financial institutions, including the largest credit unions in the world.

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