Program Overview

What is CU Sales Trainer?

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CU Sales Trainer® is a member-sensitive approach to sales training designed specifically for credit unions. The goal of the program is to empower credit union employees to help your members get the most out of the services the credit union has to offer, and doing it in such a way that the members feel valued by the credit union.  We refer to this as Need Satisfaction Selling.

This program is not designed to encourage employees to sell services to members that they do not need. Instead, it takes a member-first approach, training employees in the skills and strategies they need to be alert to member needs, to clarify those needs, and to suggest appropriate services whenever they recognize a need.

Why is Need Satisfaction Selling Important?

  • It is important for your members because many of them aren’t familiar with the credit union products and services that might benefit them.
  • It is important for your overall success because the more services members have with your credit union, the longer they will stick around.
  • It is important for your current employees because it provides them with the training and skills they need to advance their careers and to be more effective at their jobs.
  • It is important for your new employees as they come on-board, because it helps them to understand their role, and to better serve your members from the very beginning.

So, when used correctly, Need Satisfaction Selling not only expands the number of services held by credit union members, it also strengthens member relationships and creates more valuable employees.

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