CU Sales Trainer Features

All credit union members have financial needs for various financial products and services. Your representatives of all kinds need to be ready, willing, and able to help your members clarify their financial needs and match those needs with the helpful services your credit union has to offer. CU Sales Trainer is designed to make that happen.

As you’ll see in the features tour and screenshots below, CU Sales Trainer is easy to navigate, interesting and engaging for employees, and consistent with your credit union philosophy.

Program Highlights

  • Teaches easy-to-use sales skills
  • Written especially for credit union employees
  • Accessible anytime/anywhere online in mobile-compatible formats
  • Each unit can be completed in about 30 minutes or less
  • Text, imagery, and on-demand audio narration accommodate for different types of learners
  • In-unit activities, exercises, and quizzes are provided in each unit to reinforce the material
  • Training can be repeated to reinforce sales skills
  • Provides highly effective training at a fraction of the cost of other training methods
  • Sales training is immediately available to new employees as they come on-board

Features Tour

There are many powerful features here, best understood by seeing the course in a live demonstration webinar. Contact us today to schedule a webinar for your team!

In the meantime, here is a tour of some feature highlights and screenshot images of the CU Sales Trainer online course. Click on each thumbnail below to see a larger and expanded view.

Student Login

Your employees are each assigned a unique student account with a username and password. They can log in to the site from any computer, tablet, or phone and continue their training wherever they left off. Because of this secure and individual access, all activity is tracked and is viewable by your admin team behind the scenes.

Student Login – Click Thumbnail for Larger Expanded View

Branded Course Home Page

Once logged in, students find themselves in an informative and credit union branded welcome page. This page will be customized with the name and logo of your credit union, as well as the progress of the student so far. Also found on this page is extensive instructional material helping them to understand the ins and outs of the course materials and navigation.

CU Branded Home Page – Click Thumbnail for Larger Expanded View

Return To Course Stopping Point

The course is designed with easy to use navigation tools, including a button that takes participants back to the most recent section of the course they were working on. This streamlines the process and makes it easy for the student to efficiently work through the course.

Most Recent Topic feature – Click Thumbnail for Larger Expanded View

Course Unit Navigation

CU Sales Trainer is divided into 10 Units, each one focused on an important aspect of Need Satisfaction Selling. At the beginning of the course and throughout every unit and topic, students can easily access any Unit in the course using the Unit menu. This can be found along the right side of every page, except on mobile devices, in which case it is located at the bottom of each page. At the end of each Unit is a Unit Quiz that must be completed successfully before the student can continue in the course.

Unit Navigation – Click Thumbnails for Larger Expanded View

Topic Sub-Navigation

Units are divided into multiple Topics, with each Topic delving into different aspects of the Unit, providing many examples and exercises along the way. At the beginning of each Unit, there is a detailed list of all the Topics in that Unit, including a green indicator to show which Topics have already been completed by the student. At the top of each Topic page there is a smaller numbered button list, with each button linking to the different Topics withing the Unit.

Topic Navigation, Complete and In Progress – Click Thumbnails for Larger Expanded View

Completion Status

As each Unit, Topic, Exercise, and Quiz is completed successfully, this is recorded by the system along with dates, times, scores, and overall progress and grading for each student. This is indicated visually with green markers and checkboxes at the beginning of each Unit and within the Topic navigation menu at the top of each Topic page.

Quiz, Exercise, and Course Progress Indicators – Click Thumbnails for Larger Expanded View

Audio Narration

Each topic includes an Audio Narration, which reads aloud the entire Topic contents. This is helpful for more auditory learners. Students simply press the “play” button (white triangle) in the audio player at the top of the Topic page. The audio player also allows students to pause playback, to jump to different points in the narration, and to adjust the volume of the audio.

Sample Audio Narration – click the play button below to hear a sample audio narration from the first Unit.


Text and Visual Material

In addition to the Audio Narration, the entire Topic contents are of course presented in text and visual format, with all lessons written out entirely and augmented with illustrations, photos, and tabular information, as well as the exercises and quizzes detailed below. This visual and text format is the type of educational format most familiar to learners and lends itself well to students learning and studying at their own pace and in their own style. It serves as both textbook, reference, and study guide.

Text content, illustrations, photos, tabular data and more – Click Thumbnail for Larger Expanded View


Occasionally throughout the course, participants will encounter Exercises designed to review and reinforce the training concepts presented. These exercises are automatically scored which provides immediate feedback that participants can use to reinforce their learning.

Exercises help reinforce the information being taught – Click Thumbnail for Larger Expanded View


At the end of each Unit, students are required to pass a Unit Quiz, with a minimum score of 80%. If the student does not successfully complete a Quiz, they can review the questions and the correct answers to see what they didn’t understand. Then they can go back through the Unit to study the Topics that weren’t clear. They can then re-take the Quiz until they earn a passing score.

Unit Quizzes include a variety of question types to reinforce and test the information being taught – Click Thumbnail for Larger Expanded View

Final Quiz

At the end of the course, participants will be required to successfully complete a comprehensive quiz covering all the skills taught in the program. This quiz provides the information you need to evaluate participant results and reward/recognize performance.

Final Quiz covers topics from the entire course and includes a variety of question types as well as a few survey questions – Click Thumbnail for Larger Expanded View

Certificate of Completion

At the end of the course, Students will be required to successfully complete a Final Course Quiz. Once this final evaluation has been passed and the student has successfully completed the Need Satisfaction Selling course, he or she will then be presented with a personalized Certificate of Completion. This certificate is branded with the name and logo of the Credit Union along with the name and completion date. The certificate can be downloaded as a PDF file, it can be printed, and it is also emailed to the student.

Unit Quizzes include a variety of question types to reinforce and test the information being taught – Click Thumbnail for Larger Expanded View
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