Admin System Features

CU Sales Trainer requires very little technical work for integration and management.

The system is designed to be as simple and low maintenance as you’d like it to be. If you’d prefer to minimize your work, you can provide us with a list of employee emails and we will be happy to setup your student accounts for you and send out registration codes to allow them to begin their training right away.

However, CU Sales Trainer also includes an extensive administrative interface for student management/course progress and detailed reporting that is available if you choose to use it. Below are a few highlights and a more detailed screenshot tour to give you an idea of what is going on under the hood.

Admin System Highlights

  • Account Management – gives you the ability to manually add and remove student accounts
  • Bulk Employee Import – enables you to upload employee lists for bulk account setup, automatically inviting employees via email to take the course
  • Progress Tracking & Reporting – allows you to monitor employee progress through the course in real time
  • Quiz Tracking & Reporting – empowers you to to view individual quiz scores, measure time spent and a variety of other quiz metrics
  • Group Communications – tools to communicate with select groups of users through the system
  • Data Export – enables you to export raw data on course and quiz progress for use in spreadsheet analysis and internal monitoring and reporting.

Admin Features Tour

There are many powerful features here, and you certainly aren’t required to use them all. These are best understood by seeing the system a live demonstration webinar. Contact us today to schedule a webinar for your team!

However, this screenshot tour should give you a good sense of how it works. Click on each thumbnail below to see a larger and expanded view.

Student Group Management Tools

The Group Management Tools enables you to add, manage, bulk import, and view all your enrolled users as well as your assigned “Group Leader” administrators. This is also a central place to view your license keys, access progress reports and quiz reports.

Group Management Interface – Click Thumbnails for Larger Expanded Views

Basic Course Progress and Quiz Reporting

As your employees progress through the course, you will have access to a variety of reports and raw data about their progress through the course, and their progress and performance on the exercises and quizzes that they have taken. Some of these are simple views, and others are much more detailed.

Group Progress and Quiz Reporting – Click Thumbnails for Larger Expanded Views

Detailed Progress and Quiz Reporting

If you really want to drill down into the details, you can use the Detailed Reporting Tools. First you will set some filters, depending on how specifically you’d like to view the data. Then with the filter enabled, you’ll be able to see overview charts, detailed progress views for each student, and detailed activity logs showing every bit of activity by your employees. Also included here is the ability to quickly export raw CSV data files containing the progress or Course Activity or Quiz data subject to your filters.

Detailed Reporting Features – Click Thumbnail for Larger Expanded Views

Admin System Navigation, Group Communication

Navigating and using the System Admin Tools is straightforward and convenient. Group Leaders will have access to a simple Admin Home page containing all the tools needed for student management and reporting, all in one place. Then, from anywhere in the system, it is an easy one-click process to get to any Admin task using the top level Admin menu.

Finally, although you can always manage team communications directly, CU Sales Trainer also gives you the ability to send system messages via email to your students. This is a convenient way to group message all enrolled students to give them encouragement, updates, deadlines, and the like.

Admin Navigation & Group Communications Details- Click Thumbnails for Larger Expanded Views

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